Ivarson Bulk Packer

An Ivarson designed and manufactured Bulk Packer offers efficient, high speed, precision bulk filling for your present plant operations. Ideal when used with Ivarson’s butter making and transport system, or can be adapted to any high volume continuous automatic butter processing line. Fast, simple one or two-man operation. Empty carton positioned on platform and box clamping device (tailor-made to exact customer box dimensions) closes around carton. Platform raises carton into position for filling and as carton is filled, platform lowers to conveyor level when proper carton weight is reached. An easy, fast operation that will solve bulk butter packing requirements—regardless of plant size or production requirements. Ivarson Bulk Packers can be made to handle special carton sizes and shapes.


  • Works in conjunction with Ivarson complete butter pumping system
  • For butter, margarine or other highly viscous products
  • Filling cycle 25 seconds—permits processing two to three 68 Lb. boxes per minute
  • Hook-up direct to existing automatic continuous butter production lines in your plant—or use as independent packing operation
  • One or two-man operation
  • Bulk packers can be made to handle special box sizes and shapes—i.e. 30 to 50 Lb. cartons
  • Special double unit can be furnished which can handle up to 5 ½ to 6 tons per hour
  • Pneumatically controlled filling platform
  • Box clamping device holds carton under filling nozzle for proper filling position—eliminates air pockets
  • Clamping device is tailor made to customers’ exact box dimensions
  • Filling cycle begins with platform in topmost position—as weight of product in carton being filled lowers platform to roller path, product flow is automatically cut off when proper weight is reached
  • Carton moves to weigh station for accuracy check and palletizing
  • Heavy duty stainless steel construction—automatic controls
  • Capacity 3 to 5 tons per hour

Note:   Other models available upon request.