WAL Bulk Packer

The WAL butter filling system consits of a box erector, filling station with film wrapping and box closing system.   All machine components are designed to meet 3-A & USDA standards. Operation of the WAL butter filling system is seamless and effecient.  Blank cartons are first erected in the box erector and fed into the filling machine were each box is weighed empty.  The box is then transfered to the filling station were the wrapper is formed around the filling head and lowered into the box.  As the butter feeds into the box up to 4 tons per hour, the filling head is raised to provide a package free from voids.  The filled carton is then transfered to the closing system where the packaging film is folded over the butter and flattened.  Last, the box is taped closed and is ready for palletizing.  The box erector and closing system has a maximum output of 15 cartons per minute and can be exanaded by adding only new fillers to the existing line.  Contact Ivarson Inc. today so we can personally demonstrate how a WAL butter filling system will benefit your packaging needs. www.wal-ol.de

The Advantages

  • Complete line can run with only one line attendant.
  • Optional filling weights from 10 to 25 kg are possible with a simple program change and minor mechanical adjustments.
  • Capacity per filling head 4 tons per hour (at 25 kg).  Up to 5 stations can be combined to achieve 20 tons per hour.
  • Intergrated CIP-function for filling lines and heads both inside and out.
  • Tare and gross scale are intergraged to minimize the weight fluctuations caused by humidity, which can can be up to 15 grams per cardboard box.
  • Modular design allows expansion as future capacity increases.
  • Optional data transfer and statistic evaluation software is also available.